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Lily the Frilly
12 December 2013 @ 02:20 am
Aatp Scallop Ribbon jsk; navy, red

Btssb Rich Ribbon Princess - black

Meta's Pintuck Pinafore jsks; navy, red

IW Royal Chiffon Babydoll Jsk; black

AP's Polkadot Pleated Sailor Jsk; red

Btssb's Pocket Embroidery (2010), Navy, black - size M

Btssb Vanilla Corset - Navy

Btssb Frill Hem baby Doll jsk

AP Fortissimo

Btssb Scallop Ribbon jsk - black

Things I'm looking for: solid/mostly solid jsks in jewel tones (NO PASTELS), especially in red and navy. Black Jsks are welcomed, but I could use more colors in my wardrobe. Emphasis on decorative sewing like pintucks, embroidery, bustles, tiers (if tiered jsk, must be like AP's width of skirt - not Baby's), ruffles, etc. Patterns can be considered. No prints. Every jsk should have shirring on the back, preferably with ribbon ties; it should accommodate a maximum waistline of 30". Styles of 2008 thru 2010 are generally preferred (simple sweet lolita).
Lily the Frilly
21 May 2013 @ 10:53 am
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Lily the Frilly
Lesson Four of Lesson's discusses the four enemies that prevent successful acting, which includes:

1) Self-Consciousness
2) Trying to Get it Right
3) Self-Righteousness
4) Cynicism

For most people, stage-fright, the inability to step-on stage and speak in front of others is a real fear, but for actors, the case isn't typically so extreme. This notion of self-consciousness manifests in a more subtle way, especially among inexperienced actors: the actor may be able to walk and talk on stage (or on set), but their movements are stiff and unnatural, thus produces an unbelievable character.

I see this quite often among new lolitas. Sometimes they're slouching instead of walking in a natural, tall posture, or they appear uncomfortable about the curious looks from the general public, and sometimes they get defensive if someone compliments or questions their choice in clothes. To some, it will take a lot of baby steps to gain the confidence to wear lolita, however, the first step is to feel comfortable with yourself - in and out of lolita. You do this by ignoring the paranoid little voice in your head that's making you believe that other people are judging your choice in fashion, and instead, focus on telling yourself how beautiful you look. The more you listen to the former voice, the more your anxious actions will appear, and that sense of paranoia may manifest.

The second notion is tied in with the desire to please. Yes, lolita fashion does have a lot of guidelines and there is some pressure to dress well, but that doesn't mean that you have to ask every time if something is or isn't lolita. The guidelines merely exist to help people get the basics down. Long time wearers of lolita can't really give you an exact formula for finding your personal style, but we can suggest that you use your common sense on what works best for you, based on the guidelines.

When the desire to please gets bigger, it leans towards the notion of self-righteousness, and in acting, it's in the form in which the actor wholly believes that his or her work is the most brilliant. With this, there isn't any genuine engagement with the audience whom to them are merely spectators.

And in lolita, it seems to come in two different forms:

1) People who don't take constructive criticism because they believe that their style is exceptionally unique

2) People who truly believe that their outfits are one of a kind and constantly seek attention

Either way, some of us call these kinds of people "special snowflakes" and I'd stray away from this kind of attitude. Take the middle path. Seek constructive criticism if you wish to improve yourself and remind yourself that you don't need to seek other people's approval - just be the best you can be for yourself. Taking a kind of middle path allows you to reinvent your style.

The type of cynicism among actors generally revolve around the notion of how unfairly they were cast or not cast for X-role, inadequate teachers, the unfairness of the system, etc. Lolita fashion has quite a lot of cynicism as well...they range from complaints about how expensive brand is, how small brands run, how one's own parents won't let them wear it, how difficult it is to clean it, baaawww.

A load of complaining isn't going to improve the exchange rate (psh, I wish), but you still have enough power to do something about these so-called lolita problems. Just pause your complaining and figure out a solution, and lucky for a lot of new comers, the fashion has come a long way to make things easier than they used to be. Yeah, lolita fashion is expensive, but there are a plethora of indie designers, second-hand shops, auctions, and other places to get it much cheaper than brand prices; some of these places even do custom sizing. If sizing isn't a problem, learn to be smart about your money and start saving for your dream dress. And yeah, it's sometimes hard to convince your folks why you like and want to wear frilly dresses, but hey, they're your folks and some day, you might not live with them - so wait to make those choices for yourself.

It's really not that hard, is it?
Lily the Frilly
20 January 2013 @ 04:04 pm
I absolutely love my book for acting class, Lessons: The Craft of Acting, because it's straightforward and practical. The writing style reminds me of Lemony Snicket's as it's almost conversational, and they both warned their readers that it's not the kind of book that they may be looking for. The author suggests that if you're looking on a book on how to be an actor, then this is not the book for it, and furthermore, he also says that art shouldn't be taught from books. It's one thing to have a guide, however, much of honing an art-form is done through practice. This book merely serves as a guide or collection of mantras to put into practice. As I read the first few chapters, I immediately was reminded of lolita fashion. It's fine to have a "lifestyle lolita" mindset, but many lolitas agree that if one were to be a lolita, you would have to have the clothes.

I personally believe that it takes a lot more effort into being a lolita than just having the clothes. Once again Lesson's point out that acting is learned through being on one's feet...it's good to be able to memorize lines and understand blocking, but then you have to be aware of other nuances that comes from creating a believable character.

Like-wise with lolita, veterans suggest being familiar with the fashion by taking advantage of the available guides, and then when one is ready, begin investing in basic wardrobe staples. And then practice wearing it. And when one has gotten the basics and some practice wearing it, it would be a good idea to develop one's personal style, based on what they like and know. As with acting, developing a personal style involves some experimenting, observation, practice, and time.

The second chapter is all about believing in oneself.

I really believe that anyone can be a good lolita if they just try.
I know one too many lolitas, including myself (when I began), who lack the confidence in wearing something so outlandish. Don't think, just do.

The author knows that every actor will blow an audition. What matters is how the person reacts to the failure. Said actor could talk on forever about how they didn't get X role with others, but it's better to do something about it instead. It takes honesty and guts.

Pretty much every lolita started off with a half-assed or straight up ita outfit: the lace would be of poor quality, the skirt isn't the right length, the bodice is ill-fitted, the skirt doesn't fit a proper petticoat or there isn't a petticoat at all, the colors may clash, etc., etc. Some of these people may be posted on forums that poke at poorly-dressed lolitas. There are two choices in this situation: either you give up lolita because "everyone is so mean, waaaah!", or go, "Woah, I really did make some bad choices...let's try again."

When it comes to being honest with oneself as a lolita, it's a good idea to take some time looking out for flaws to improve or work around on, and place more emphasis on your best features. Take me for example: until I get my lower-jaw aligned properly with surgery (ugh, so not looking forward to that), there's little I can do about it, however, I can avoid wearing items that emphasize that such as headdresses or bonnets that tie under my chin or high necklines. Instead I enjoy wearing open necklines (I get to wear my necklaces with is usually bothersome with lolita) and wearing my hair in a fancy updo or with full-sized hats (this is kind of a rarity in the fashion). I'm a sucker for pastels, but I know that they look horrid against my beige skin tone, and so I rock jewel tone colors instead. It's all about finding what works best for you.

I love the closing of that chapter because it insists that having that disposition requires enthusiasm. Yes, honing an art takes work, discipline, order, precision, and finish, but it's fun work. Being the best lolita you can be (or anything you want to do/be for that matter) requires the same level of enthusiasm. Lolita is a fun and unique fashion, so have fun with it!
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Lily the Frilly
26 December 2012 @ 08:22 pm
Every month I receive at least two invitations to meet up with the Chicago area lolitas, but I almost always have to decline them because I live so far south. A drive from Peoria or Bloomington-Normal (I switch between these towns, but mostly living in Bloomington-Normal these days) is approximately 2.5 to 3 hours, and I can't really trust Amtrack to get me where I need to be on a timely and cost-friendly manner. I can't always justify the cost of traveling there seeing how I'm essentially spending six hours on the road, but the meet up is only two hours long...it doesn't help that the gas prices are still high.

The cities may be much smaller and there may be more cornfields than one can count, but I manage to find an abundance of places to visit while in frills without the long drive (This is mainly a list of high lights. And for the sake of length and time, I won't be including restaurants unless they're specialty ones such as tea houses - feel free to PM me for suggestions!).

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Lily the Frilly
Please read:

1) I ship from the U.S., and with USPS
2) Paypal fees are not included
3) Measurements are amateur; please allow for errors
4) Top half of sale's page includes my friend's clothes (she does not use lj) and they come from a home with pets (mine do not)
5) North American buyers have priority; I am willing to ship overseas, but shipping costs will be higher
eglfeedback page

DO NOT SEND ME PM. I will screen your comments if there are personal information involved.

*Some pictures are taken in different times*
*Photos should be properly edited, but Photobucket is terrible; please be patient until this is fixed*
Selling for a friend who is leaving lolita (ALL MUST GO)

Fan Plus Friend Cinderella JSK (discontinued) $50 shipped in N.A./$55 worldwide

Bodice detail
Hem detail (not pink - just a lighter shade of red)
Applique detail
Worn on"
Back of bow

This adorably cheery dress features a cute applique of a horse drawn carriage, shirring with ribbon and removable waist ties, and adjustable straps that make it longer or shorter, as well as the option to wear it halter styled. Dress comes with bow that can be worn on the dress or as a hair accessory. Please note that I merely modeled this and it's not my dress; it is worn on the tightest possible way and on its shortest length (for reference, my measurements are 35.5-28-36.5 at 5'5"). This versatile jsk is more suitable for tall and/or plus sized (and broad shouldered) lolitas.

According to F+F: UK 18/US 16/EUR90
Bust: 102cm (max)
Waist: 81 cm (max)
Length (strap to hem/long): 102 cm
Length (strap to hem/short): 100 cm

Pink Bodyline Sailor Lolita set (discontinued) $55 shipped/$60 worldwide
Bodice detail
Pocket detail
Bow #2
Hem detail
Hat View #2
Hat Detail
Hat Detail #2 (lace)
Wrist cuffs

This set includes a matching hat and wrist-cuffs, as well as removable bows to create different looks.

Measurements - Size "2L"
Bust: 104 cm (max)
Waist: 94 cm (max)
Length: 93 cm

Bodyline Dessert skirt (discontinued) - $15 shipped/$20 worldwide
print Close up
Waist detail

Perfect for the "bittersweet" lolita. This skirt is fully lined and shirred with a bustle back, and a removable bow that can be worn on the skirt or as a hair accessory.

Waist: 94 (max)
Length: 51 cm

Pink Bodyline Shoes - $15 shipped/$20 worldwide
Front view
Aerial view
Shoe Details

Measurements (approx)
Fits 7 1/2- 8 US women
Front bottom 1.5cm
Heels high 6cm

In spite of them being worn often, I found them to be very sturdy and could last some more wears. They go perfectly with the pink sailor set or any sweet lolita outfit you want to put together. For those interested, please allow a week for me to ship them as they are in my dorm for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Bodyline Bow (Carousel skirt) $5 shipped everywhere
Measurements (approx)
Length: 23 cm

This bow came from Cecelia's Carousel skirt, a very popular BL print. This bow is perfect for those who already own the print in the pink colorway and would like to have an additional accessory to wear on the skirt or jumperskirt and on one's head.
My Sale (ALL MUST GO - I am willing to haggle for reasonable offers)

Victorian Maiden OP Originally paid $170. Asking for $135 shipped/$140 worldwide

Close up of Bodice with detachable straps and bows - most accurate color here
Bodice's Embroidered detail
Lace on Dropped waistline
Bust: 87 cm (max)
Waist: 68 cm (max)
Length: 91 cm

The elegance and versatility of this dress shouldn't be overlooked by its simplicity. There are removable neckties and bows to create different looks, and it sleeves allow wearers to wear it as a one piece or as a jumperskirt.
I am the third owner and the dress arrived with faint white marks under the sleeves, but are not noticeable unless you photograph them the way I did for the bodice detail (laid out flat with flash). There is no shirring.

DT: I prefer to sell, but I am willing to trade it (or partial trade it) for an all black jsk of similar value such as the following:

Tuck-flared jsk
Ashley Embroidery jsk (short version)

Metamorphose Pink Parka - $15 shipped/$20 worldwide

Tag damage
Embroidered detail
Behind tag

Has been frequently worn and bought second hand from the sale's (gently washed). There may be some piling. Perfect for the sweet and casual lolita, otome-kei, or just to wear daily.

Bust (best fits): 35 in.
Sleeve: 21 in

Angelic Pretty polka dot parka
Originally paid $50, asking for $25 shipped/$30 worldwide

Bow detail
Damage/underneath pocket
Zipper charm
Bow on sleeve

Measurements on HelloLace

I bought this in like-new condition from mbok over the summer. It unfortunately got mixed up with the laundry so there is dye present on the lace which isn't noticeable from far. I haven't worn it since the summer and I noticed yesterday (9/16) that there was a damage on the thread underneath the right pocket where the beads attach; it's an easy fix. In spite of these faults, it's still in my opinion, a very cute parka that's great for casual wear and the removable beads allow for different looks. Pockets are fully functional.

Matching hairbows from local business (Jayla's Boutique) - $5 everywhere or free with AP hoodie

Length: 10 cm x 7 cm

Black heeled Mary Janes by Dankso - Originally paid $170, asking for $140 shipped worldwide

Size: 9 US woman
Heel height: 5 cm

Hangry and Angry Cutsew - $5 shipped
Print detail
Print detail 2
Stain 2

Length: 17 in
Bust: 35 in max
Waist: 27 max

I bought this second hand from another member and the damages were present upon arrival. It doesn't fit me anymore, so I'm hoping that it finds a new home. Machine wash friendly and comfortable for lounging around in or for punk/casual lolita. Please allow a week to ship this item.

Handmade skirt (not by me) - Originally paid $40, asking for $25 shipped/$30 worldwide

Great for new-comers and long-time wearers looking for a simple and versatile piece. Skirt features partial shirring to allow comfort while retaining a slim front.

Length: 21 in
Waist: 27 in(max)

Bodyline Floral Printed Knee-high Socks - $5 everywhere
Print detail

Only tried on once.

Necklace from Justice - $3 everywhere
View 2

Thank you for taking a look around.
Lily the Frilly
23 March 2011 @ 04:22 pm
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Lily the Frilly
14 January 2011 @ 08:49 pm
I'm going to make this quick.

Anime Zap is finally arriving in town. I've been anticipating it all year and I can't believe that the con-weekend starts tomorrow!. It feels like it's been forever since I've gone to a convention. Although I've been to many, this is going to be m y first year hosting a panel. I don't know if I'm quite nervous. I'm more anxious, especially about seeing Brad again. It's always that the day before any convention, I get anxious about something or other, and it keeps me up at night. It's bad that I usually end up sleeping late and waking up early. Sometimes I'd have dreams about waking up late and missing most of the con or missing my ride (if I'm not driving, but usually I am). I think that my main concern is having money for the convention. A-zap is a small, but growing con...even so, there's something about cons that make people spend more money than they should.

Another concern I have is my appearance to be. I'm planning on wear old school (inspired) gothic lolita. I hope that I don't end up being scoffed at by newbie lolitas who may have misunderstood about whole black w/white color combination is ita (when it really isn't unless the white lace is horrid quality - speaking of, why does my local Hobby lobby and Jo-Anns carry cheap lace?).

Then again, it is a small convention and so, I probably would have a bunch of 13 year olds thinking that it's the shit rather than it's shit. (IDK why anyone new to lolita seem to pick up on the old Gothic and Lolita bible looks; people don't usually dress like that anymore). Haha, that sounds pretty pretentious of me to say, but it always seems like middle schoolers get excited by the littlest of things (oh, to be young again...). I hope Martyn is alright with that. He's new to conventions and I told him to go practice some poses before going. I do hope my con-wisdom serves us well this weekend.
Lily the Frilly
29 July 2010 @ 01:10 pm
Inspired by years of torture of having to write out outlines for English essays T_T

This is just made to help newer (and maybe not so new) lolitas build a versatile wardrobe and keep them less side tracked when shopping. Not everything in this list is required to complete a closet.

Whatever item that has the asterisk * beside it (in my opinion) are most important for beginners and seasoned lolita to own.

Some items such as shoes and headgear are usually open to suggestions (such as ballet flats rather than mary janes)

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